Expanded Learning in PreK

Our PreK children are provided with many opportunities for self-expression and exploration of their environment since our program is based on The Creative Curriculum, which defines our interest areas, environment and interactions. The children are eager to learn and our program is designed to give them numerous positive opportunities to discover their world. Using a variety of hands-on activities these children will learn the wonders of nature and science and begin to understand numbers and quantities. They will be allowed to show their creativity through music, art and role-playing.

We will also provide developmentally appropriate activities centered on cognitive and language skills. Our PreK children will be continuing to master manipulative skills as well as expanding their knowledge of shapes, colors, letters and numbers.

The PreK children will become more adept at verbalizing their emotions and the emotions of others through books, songs, dramatic play and puppetry. We encourage cooperative play while fostering independence and responsibility.

An abundance of meaningful language and literacy experiences are provided for the children in a variety of ways. We use the Read it Again PreK! curriculum, which concentrates on increasing vocabulary, letter sounds and shapes and retelling stories. Some of the activities include listening to and reading stories and poems, taking field trips or listening to speakers, dictating stories and retelling events, seeing classroom charts and other print, participating in dramatic play and other communication experiences and experimenting with writing by drawing and copying.

The children are encouraged to seek solutions to concrete problems through interaction with people and real objects. Learning about math, science, social studies and health and hygiene are all integrated through meaningful activities such as those when children build with blocks, measure sand and water or cooking ingredients, observe changes in the environment, work with tools, sort objects, explore plants, animals, water and draw, paint and work with clay.

Our PreK children will have many opportunities to exercise their growing bodies with indoor and outdoor large motor games and equipment. We have a very well-rounded program designed to foster your child’s growth as he/she enjoys learning.

Free choice time allows the children to initiate their own play experiences with a variety of fine motor activities as well as role-playing areas. This time also allows much individual interaction between children and staff.

Each child is viewed as a unique individual with his/her own pattern of growth and development. We design all our activities to develop the children’s positive self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning.

Sample Schedule

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