Toddler Development

Freedom to run, play and assert his/her newly acquired independence is a big part of the 2-year-old’s day. Within this well-supervised play, our staff will provide situations that develop self-control, cooperation and communication through positive interactions with peers. Through The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos interest centers your child will begin to learn about numbers, colors and shapes, work puzzles, play with blocks, string beads, play with play dough, sand and water and use paints, crayons and markers. We will introduce new concepts and language skills to each child as he/she is ready. We will also enjoy music through songs, fingerplays, marching and playing games.

Our consistent daily routine will help these young children become familiar with their surroundings. Our day consists of group time when we have a story and then talk about the weather and other topics. Next we break into small groups for learning centers. We then stretch our muscles with a large motor activity either inside or outside, if the weather permits. Center time allows the children to freely explore a variety of activities. After this, we eat lunch and nap on cots. Our afternoons are filled with snack time, reading stories, singing songs, large motor play and, of course, time for free play.

When signs of readiness for toilet training are shown, we will provide patient guidance using appropriately sized facilities to help establish proper toileting habits.

We provide a relaxed, happy and loving atmosphere for our little ones. They feel well-cared for, safe and confident in the Toddler Room.

Sample Schedule

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