Growing With Your Child

After the babies reach the 1-year milestone they are ready to move into our transitional room. In the transitional room the children are at the walking stage and are ready to explore with many new challenges.

At the center we use The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos to help provide a well-rounded daily routine, which will include activities such as sensory, gross motor, art, music and language. Stories will also play a big part in their daily routine. Children will continue to use the sign language they learned in the Infant Program and will also learn new signs to help them communicate with their teachers, friends, and parents. The children will also have the opportunity to use the gym and playground to develop their large muscles.

Your child will be assigned to a primary caregiver in the classroom. The teachers participate in professional development workshops and classes to learn new ideas to enhance the daily activities and strive to meet all the children’s needs.

Children are eased into a group schedule with the meal times and nap times at more predictable intervals. As the children seem ready, they will go from two naps to one per day. As they grow they will master many new skills such as; drinking from a regular cup, sleeping on a cot, eating meals at a small table, walking on the rope and a feeling of self-confidence.

On occasion during the stages of 13-24 months children do develop a tendency to bite. There are various reasons for biting such as teething, exploration, attention, imitation and independence. This is a very normal stage of development for the children at this age as they have a tendency to be very oral and are becoming familiar with verbal and social skills. Be assured that the staff will work with parents and the child when biting occurs so that we can prevent this as much as possible.

Sample Schedule

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